G.Y.P. Tuesdays

Health Promotion, a unit of the Georgia Tech Center for Community Health and Wellbeing, would like to invite you to participate in G.Y.P. Tuesdays, which is part of the Get Yourself Protected (G.Y.P.) campaign. The goal of G.Y.P. is to empower Georgia Tech students to make healthy decisions regarding protection if they choose to be sexually active. The campaign consists of posters/flyers, a Condom Availability Program, and G.Y.P. Tuesdays

To continue to expand our social media presence, we are implementing G.Y.P. Tuesdays where we share sexual health messages every Tuesday through Facebooktm. We want to reach as many students as possible with this campaign and need your help! 

Mailing List
If you are willing to help spread the word about G.Y.P, we will send you an email reminder every Tuesday morning with the message for that day and ask you to share it from the Health Promotion page. If you are part of a student group or department, please share that message to your group’s Facebooktm page so other members will see the message. If you are comfortable doing so, we also encourage you to share it on your wall so all of your friends see the message as well. 
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