STI Protection

How can students who choose to be sexually active protect themselves against pregnancy and STI transmission?

Male or female condoms are effective against pregnancy and STI transmission. Condoms are most effective when used properly and used every time someone has sex. Barrier methods (i.e., condoms and dental dams) can be used to protect against STIs for oral sex. Condoms can also be used to protect against STIs when engaging in vaginal and anal sex. Condoms and other safer sex supplies (i.e., dental dams and lubricant) are available for free in Health Promotion.  

Based on respondent behavior in the past 30 days*:

51% (n=78) reported using a male or female condom mostly or always for vaginal sex

6% (n=10) reported using a condom or other protective barrier mostly or always for oral sex

*We did not report on protective behaviors for anal sex because the response rate was too low.