Mandated Assessment and Sanctions

If you have been mandated by the GT Office of Student Integrity (OSI) or Housing Department for an alcohol and other drug (AOD) assessment, here are the steps to complete the assessment process:

1. Go to the Georgia Tech Counseling Center during business hours to complete client paperwork and a battery of assessments. You will need to pay the $250 fine (check or money order) at this time. Plan on spending 1 1/2 hours to complete the required paperwork.
2. Your paperwork will be reviewed by the AOD treatment team and you will be assigned to either a group class (CHOICES) or 2-sessions of individual sessions (BASICS). You will receive an email notifying you of which program you are assigned to.
3. After you complete either CHOICES or BASICS, and any additional sanctions that may be required, the AOD treatment team will notify OSI or Housing that you have completed the assessment process.

*Please note that we do not conduct assessments required by the court or any other outside agency.